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How to improve WC order management with Admin todotastic

Imagine you have got a new WooCommerce order coming in, and you need your shop manager to check if all the products in the order have enough in stock for the coming days.  One quick way to communicate is to send an IM/email message,  attaching the order number or the link. It won’t take much time but with Admin todotastic plugin,  this can be a lot easier.


Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can see a new meta box appears on the right-hand side of the order edit page:

Todotastic meta box
Admin todotastic meta box

As mentioned, you would like your manager to check the stock of all products, all you need to do is start typing, followed by the user name of your manager. A dropdown will appear, use the Down/Up key to select the manager user and press Enter, then keep typing something like “Please check the stock level of the products”. The last step would be to press the “Add” button or “Ctrl+Enter” to add the todo item.


If your email is set up correctly, your manager will receive an email notification. The manager’s dashboard todotastic widget also shows the item.

Not only that, but the plugin is also available on WooCoomerce product/coupon, WordPress page/post, Event calendar edit page and more to come.

To conclude, when users want to share/assign a task to other users, they don’t need to go to another web page/application, copy and paste the link and send the message anymore.  Admin todotastic plugin is here to help speed up your WordPress work management, making your life easier.


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